Endodontics (Root Canals) in Newport Beach, CA

When the nerve chamber in a tooth fails (becomes necrotic or chronically inflamed), the tooth loses its ability to repair itself. This condition can result in pain or infection.

Endodontics (i.e. – Root Canal Treatment) is then performed to mitigate the situation. The nerve chamber is entered through the top of the tooth and damaged nerve tissue is removed, canals are sterilized and shaped, and the space is internally filled (obturated) to the end of the root.

Unlike the common stigma of pain being  associated with the dreaded “root canal,” this modern procedure is normally accomplished with minimal, if any, discomfort.

Root canal therapy has a time-tested history of successfully saving natural teeth that would otherwise have to be extracted.


Am I a candidate for root canal therapy?

Most cases of severe cavities or infections can be successfully treated with endodontics. Please feel free to call us in Newport Beach today at (949) 548-5029 to learn more or to schedule an appointment