A family dentist is an invaluable professional in any community, not only because they take care of your teeth by preventing and/or treating any dental pain and other issues, but also giving you a smile you can be confident in. Babies, children, teenagers, and adults have different dental needs at different points in time. 


What to Expect with Your Family Dentist

Qualified family dentists are skilled in providing comprehensive oral care for both baby teeth and permanent teeth, as well as any tooth restorations or replacements you may require at any point in life. Family dentists can treat patients of all ages, from babies to seniors. Family dentists are not only conversant with the development and changes of baby teeth and the needs at various stages, but also realize the fear and anxiety that children may have about visiting the dentist.


Like general dentists, your family dentist focuses on ensuring good oral hygiene and optimal condition of your teeth. However, this dental professional can perform a number of common and specialized dental procedures, including:


  • Regular professional cleanings 
  • Dental fillings and crowns 
  • Gum disease treatment 
  • Tooth extraction 
  • Root canal therapy 
  • Tooth replacement 
  • Teeth whitening 
  • Smile makeover
  • Orthodontic care


The American Dental Association recommends that you take your child for a dental checkup as soon as the first tooth appears, or by the first birthday. This is important to prevent the most common dental problem for children, early childhood cavities, and other oral issues that can affect your child’s smile, especially by the age of four years. 


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When looking for a good family dentist for your children, choose one who’s gentle and patient when dealing with their young patients in order to help them develop a positive attitude towards dental checkups, and establish proper oral hygiene habits that will last a lifetime. A good dentist will also educate you on proper at-home oral hygiene practices depending on your child’s age, such as proper brushing technique, flossing, diet, the use of sealants, fluoride treatments, and so on. To learn more about the benefits of choosing a family dentist, contact your Newport Beach dentist for a consultation today.