No matter how strict your at-home oral hygiene routine is, there’s no brushing technique that is good enough to prevent the build-up and hardening of plaque (tartar), over time. That is why dental professionals recommend that you visit your dentist once or twice a year for professional teeth cleaning and dental examination to assess the condition of your teeth, gums, and mouth. Teeth cleaning or prophylaxis take place above the gums, though your dentist may recommend a deep clean (scaling and root planing below the gumline) if you have gum disease. 


Breaking Down the Cost of Teeth Cleaning 

The national average costs of popular dental services such as dental exams and professional teeth cleaning vary from one region to the other, and from dentist to dentist. It also depends on the number of services that will be performed during your visit. 


X-rays are only necessary to assess the extent of periodontal disease before deep cleaning or to check for other problems but are not a must for a preventive procedure like deep cleaning. 


Your dentist will determine which of these preventive procedures are necessarily based on your dental exam, after which they will be done in a single appointment together with your dental cleaning. 


Considering that dental checkups and professional cleaning are affordable for most people and free for those with a dental insurance plan, they should be performed regularly as recommended by dental professionals, which is every six months, to ensure your optimal oral health.

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